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Lincoln High School of Stockton, CA Summer Practices

Lincoln High School from the great Central Valley in California is getting ready for their cross country season by training in their home town of Stockton and heading up to the Sierras for their team camp at Mammoth. Thank you athletes Jansen Gillig and Keith Mertz for the pictures, video and information about the Trojans of Lincoln!

How often do you practice in the summer?

We practice six days a week and double five days a week.

How does Lincoln manage the hot summers in Stockton?

We run early in the morning and later in the evening. We also embrace the heat because it makes us strong and prepared for a hot early season.

How has camp been at Mammoth?

Camp has been great. We have all dedicated ourselves to push beyond what we think is possible and chase the goal of being state champions. Altitude is hard, but we're stronger. We are also running with teams, including Great Oak, which makes the training so much fun.

Lincoln with Great Oak HS

How did Lincoln create its culture?

When looking at the best teams in high school cross country history, we came to the conclusion that they are just high school kids like us who decided to great and worked hard for it. We know we can do that and that's what we're doing. No time, no placement is impossible for us. We also have a coach, Eugene Hart, who has inspired us to push past previous limits and show us what we can accomplish.

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