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Central Catholic Boy's Summer Practice

Central Catholic of Portland boy's program invited us to their summer practice on the Nike World Campus in Beaverton. Using the Hollister Trail, the athletes completed a threshold workout. Before the big workout, we spoke with head coach Dave Frank about Central Catholic.

Coach Frank talking with his athletes

How often do you practice in the summer?

We meet four days a week and then a lot of the kids get together and meet for their Sunday long run, but we do not meet officially has a team on Sunday. We never, ever, ever, meet at Central Catholic in the summer. We meet at Tryon Creek, Washington Park, and Duniway Park.

Did Central Catholic go to a summer camp?

We just got back Wednesday from Suttle Lake. We went for three days. We normally go longer, but they could only fit us in for three days. It was awesome! Beautiful down there. Great running.

What is the secret to Central Catholic's success?

The kids buy into what we do and the tradition and culture is passed on from group to group to group, right? Senior boys three years ago taught these guys to pass it on and be successful and they start to believe in it.

How do you build your team culture at Central Catholic?

When we go to camp we have some talks about certain things and about doing things right. We talk about adding little things. When you do things often enough, your results start to get better and better. We keep piling on doing these things right. When the younger kids see the older kids have success, they following and doing the same kind of stuff. A lot of times we sort of let the upper class men do it by example or do it when we are not around. When they are warming up, the upper class men are talking to the younger kids. I don't have to stand up there and talk about culture, culture, culture. It sort of happens along the way.

The photo gallery from Central Catholic's workout is found HERE

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