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Arlington, WA Summer Practice

Arlington High School, located north of Seattle, started their practice with core work and then ran two mile loops near the airport. Arlington XC went almost 40 years without qualifying for the state meet and in the last few years, competes regularly at the state meet.. Coach Mike Shierk explained Arlington's program.

How often do you practice in the summer?

Monday through Saturday until July 31. Then the senior athletes run the workouts from our training schedule.

Are there any fun activities in the summer like camps?

Yes, we have a three day camp at Camano Island State Park at the end of July. We also have a 3K time trial the day before camp that we use as a benchmark workout to help the athletes with measuring their fitness levels.

What is the secret to Arlington’s success?

Hard work, over a long period of time, equals success! We out work our competition for the most part. We also try to preach consistency throughout the year. Just running a lot.

How does Arlington create their team culture?

We have created a culture that view our team as a large family. We really try to be supportive of one another! We have team dinners, camp, post race meals that our booster club sponsors, and fundraisers that family vibe. It's really a positive environment.

Check out the pictures from Arlington's summer practice.

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